Football Manager 2023: When is the Winter Update released?

FM23's Winter Update is almost here
FM23's Winter Update is almost here / Football Manager/Sports Interactive

The January transfer window has closed for Europe's top leagues and now Football Manager players are eagerly awaiting the chance to take charge of their new-look teams.

Every year, Football Manager releases a major update to refresh squads and allow players to start a new save with accurate, up-to-date transfers, and it's just a matter of time before Football Manager 2023 follows suit.

Here's what we know about the Winter Update.

What is included in the Winter Update?

The primary focus of the update is transfers. Every deal that has gone through since the release of the game earlier this season will be included, so Chelsea fans will have almost an entirely new game to enjoy after their record-breaking spend.

The fun doesn't stop there, however, with the update also including manager departures and changes to player abilities and potentials to reflect the progress of the real players on the pitch.

When is the Winter Update released?

There is no set date for the release of the update, with Football Manager representatives regularly telling players that it will be ready when it's ready.

The FM22 update came on February 24, four days later than the release in 2021 but a week sooner than FM20, which ticked over into March.

Why has the Winter Update not been released yet?

Importantly, this is a 'winter update' and not a 'January update', as it takes into account the transfer windows around the world which do not shut on January 31.

While most windows shut at the end of January, some remain open for a few more weeks. For example, teams in Bulgaria have until February 28 to complete their business, while Ukraine's transfer window remains open until March 1.

A major release usually comes towards the end of February, with a small refresher often released in March to add in the closure of the few windows which drag out until then.

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