Roman Abramovich sanctions: What it means for Chelsea fans & season ticket holders

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Abramovich has had his assets frozen
Abramovich has had his assets frozen / Marc Atkins / Contributor / JUSTIN TALLIS / Contributor | Getty Images

Chelsea owner Roman Abramovich has had his assets frozen by the United Kingdom government, though he may still be able to sell the club in the foreseeable future.

Abramovich has moved to sell the club in the wake of Russia's invasion of Ukraine and had been eager to secure a quick buyer. That may still be possible, though it will depend on whether Abramovich allows the UK government to take control of the situation.

For the rest of the season, however, there are major implications for fans who would normally attend Blues games.

Can Chelsea still sell tickets?

Right now, the club cannot sell anymore tickets to games. Only season ticket holders will be able to go to matches in the near future.

The club can now operate under a special licence, but the sale will be put on hold.

Under a new 'Russia Regulations' license, Chelsea season ticket holders and those who have tickets for future matches are still able to attend and 'purchase refreshments'. Outstanding season ticket balances can still be paid. Retailers holding Blues merchandise can still it, but they cannot make any payments to the club.

The licence expires on 31 May.

Can Chelsea fans buy away tickets?

Chelsea can no longer sell away tickets. Only season ticket holders will be able to view their games for the rest of the season.

Who wants to buy Chelsea?

A litany of businesspeople, ranging from Britain's 'richest man' to a certain notorious MMA fighter, have declared their interest in buying Chelsea from Abramovich.

What do 'Russia Regulations' mean for new Chelsea contracts?

Chelsea have a number of players - particularly in defence - whose contracts will expire at the end of the season.

Cesar Azpilicueta and Antonio Rudiger both need new deals but they will not be officially signed before 31 May. Andreas Christensen also has a contract that is set to run out soon, though he is expected to join Barcelona.

What sanctions have been imposed on Chelsea?

The following sanctions have been imposed on Chelsea:

  • The club are under an effective transfer embargo, with new loans and permanent deals banned
  • Existing loans and transfer deals can still be paid
  • Broadcast and prize money can be received but will be frozen
  • Merchandise sales can continue but money will not go to Chelsea
  • Club is limited to £20,000 travel expenses per match
  • Club is limited to £500,000 on security, stewarding and catering costs per match
  • No new ticket sales
  • No stadium work or redevelopment