Who are Hansjorg Wyss and Todd Boehly? Net worth of Chelsea owners

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Wyss and Boehly are interested in buying Chelsea
Wyss and Boehly are interested in buying Chelsea / Craig Barritt / Stringer / Michael Kovac / Stringer | Getty Images

Todd Boehly, part-owner of baseball team Los Angeles Dodgers, led a consortium to buy Chelsea from Roman Abramovich earlier in 2022.

Abramovich put the club up for sale following Russia's invasion of Ukraine, with the United Kingdom government imposing sanctions on Russian businesses and billionaires.

Swiss investor Hansjorg Wyss is a leading member of the consortium, having previously revealed he had been offered the chance to buy the west London club.

Hansjorg Wyss net worth

Hansjorg Wyss is a billionaire from Switzerland. As of 2022, his net worth is estimated at $5.1b (£3.8b), according to American business magazine Forbes.

He amassed his wealth through medical device manufacturer Synthes, which was founded in 1997 as Synthes USA. It is now the largest maker of implants to mend bone fractures.

Wyss was Synthes' worldwide CEO and chairman until he resigned as CEO in 2017. He was company chairman until 2012 when Johnson & Johnson bought it.

When it was sold, Wyss made $19.7b in cash and stocks.

He currently holds stakes in publicly-traded biotech companies NovoCure and Molecular Partners and has previously been described as "among the most philanthropic people in the world", though he has never previously invested in sport.

Todd Boehly net worth

Todd Boehly is an American businessman and investor from America. He is currently the co-founder, chairman and CEO of Eldridge Industries, a holding company.

Boehly currently owns 20% of the baseball team LA Dodgers. He previously led one of the largest collateralised loan obligation transactions in history at over $1b.

This means he took out a loan to buy the franchise, using the franchise's cash to pay for said loan, in a similar tactic to the Glazers' purchase of Manchester United. However, United's loan obligation transaction was a slither of Boehly's.

Boehly has previously attempted to buy clubs in football. He tried to purchase National Women's Soccer League side Washington Spirit but later withdrew his interest. He was also in 'advanced negotiations' to buy Tottenham in 2019 for £2.3b, but no final agreement was reached.

How much was Chelsea bought for?

Chelsea was put up for sale by Roman Abramovich amid the threat of sanctions from the UK government following Russia's invasion of Ukraine. Abramovich is known to have close ties to Russian president Vladimir Putin.

He had wanted £4bn for the club in March, but when Boehly and his consortium concluded the deal it ended up being worth £4.25bn.

Abramovich previously rejected bids of £2.2b for Chelsea. All proceeds from the sale are to benefit victims of the war in Ukraine and Abramovich will not be allowed to profit.