Where is Qatar? What time zone is Qatar?

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Construction taking place in Qatar
Construction taking place in Qatar / GIUSEPPE CACACE/GettyImages

The World Cup is rapidly approaching as all fans prepare for FIFA's flagship event that comes with a difference.

The tournament is generally held in the European summer months but will take place in Qatar in November and December this year.

Where is Qatar?

Qatar is a small country in Western Asia. It occupies the Qatar Peninsula and its only land border is with neighbours Saudi Arabia to the south - the rest of the country's territory is surrounded by the Persian Gulf. The capital is Doha.

The Qatari population is over 2.8 million and per capita has the fourth highest GDP in the world. Its culture is influenced by Bedouin culture.

Laws and customs in Qatar are vastly different to those found in the United Kingdom and throughout Europe. It is an Islamic country and its legal system is a mix of civil law and Islamic law.

Visitors to Qatar have been warned to respect local customs with regard to clothing, alcohol and gender inequality, but campaigners and protestors have been raising awareness of the Middle East nation's poor human rights record. Forced labour in the construction of new stadiums and other infrastructure has been vastly covered in the build-up to the winter World Cup.

What time zone is Qatar?

Arabia Standard Time UTC+03:00 is used in Qatar. That puts them two hours ahead of the United Kingdom's BST and three hours ahead of GMT, which will be in place once daylight saving ends later in October.

The kick off times for games throughout the tournament will be 10:00, 13:00, 15:00, 16:00 and 19:00 GMT.