What football team does Harry Styles support?

  • Harry Styles has been a big fan of a Premier League since childhood
  • The pop star's father is a frequent match-going fan
  • Styles was spotted at Kenilworth Road for Luton's meeting with Man Utd in February 2024

Harry Styles swapped the red carpet for Kenilworth Road on Sunday
Harry Styles swapped the red carpet for Kenilworth Road on Sunday / Jeff Spicer/GettyImages

Underwear, mobile phones, skittles, water bottles, chicken nuggets. The list of objects that rain down on stage during a Harry Styles concert is endless.

Yet, rather than cowering away from an unwanted missile, Styles strode purposefully towards an inflatable football which found its way onto the platform of his European tour in 2023. Without breaking out of his soft rock rendition, Styles had enough flexibility in his purple dungarees to juggle the balloon. Off to the side of the stage, there may well have been a real football waiting for Styles, who is a keen fan of the beautiful game.

Here's everything you need to know about Styles' association with football and which club he follows home and away.

What football team does Harry Styles support?

As so often is the case, Styles followed in the footsteps of his father when it came to football fandom. Des Styles does not enjoy (or some would say endure) the same level of scrutiny as his pop star son. This relative anonymity allows the head of the Cheshire-based family to travel with his friends from Holmes Chapel to Manchester United's Old Trafford unobstructed.

When Harry has room in his schedule to tag along, the fanfare he incites would not allow for a normal ticket in the Stretford End. Nevertheless, this has not stopped the singer from keenly following the club's progress from afar - although he has not mentioned United on social media since their last Premier League title in 2013.

Styles has admitted that his knowledge of the game exceeds his skillset despite the juggling act on stage.

Chris Rogers founded the Holmes Chapel Hurricanes kids team which Styles joined as a six-year-old. "He wasn't the greatest footballer," Rogers told the Daily Star. "The day I put him in goal we went on to lose the game 8-0."

However, Rogers added: "He was a real card, always one for a quip - certainly at half-time when I got the boys around and we were having our talk, he was always so quick. Harry was well worth having in the squad for his contribution in that respect."

Styles' former One Direction bandmate Louis Tomlinson was infamously sick on the side of the pitch after a meaty collision with former Aston Villa striker Gabby Agbonlahor during a charity match. There would be little danger of Styles suffering the same fate. "I'd have players who'd go in tough with the tackle and win challenges," Styles' former coach Rodgers recalled. "Harry would run a mile from one of those, he's not the most overly physical lad."

Why was Harry Styles at Luton vs Man Utd?

Kenilworth Road is not quite as slick or spacious as the venues that Styles fills on tour but the former X Factor contestant was strolling down the halls of the famous old ground when Luton Town hosted his side Manchester United in mid-February.

Sky Sports, the UK broadcaster of the Premier League fixture, welcomed Styles into the studio where pundits Jamie Redknapp and Tom Lockyer fell over themselves to secure a selfie with the celebrity.

While former Oasis star Noel Gallagher is not shy in divulging his self-styled expert opinion, Styles kept his thoughts off camera and took up position in the stands next to Luton Town icon Mick Harford.