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USL announces new women's USL Super League

Lizzy Becherano
Women's leagues to expand in the United states
Women's leagues to expand in the United states / Alika Jenner/Getty Images

The United Soccer League announced the creation of a new professional Division II women's league titled the USL Super League, set to kick off in 2023.

The newest addition will stand under the National Women's Soccer League, the sole women's league in the U.S. with the Division I designation from the U.S. Soccer Federation.

The announcement failed to clarify a system of promotion/relegation either with the NWSL or within the USL's women's soccer structure.

“we are thrilled to unveil the USL Super League and begin an exciting new chapter in the growth of Women's Soccer in the United States," CEO Alec Papadakis said.

"We aim to make the USL Super League globally recognized and admired for its community-building, operational excellence, financial sustainability, and high level of competition. With these objectives in mind, we deepen our commitment to equitable treatment of our men's and women's pathways, and to create career opportunities for women to play professional soccer, women coaches, women technical directors, and women soccer executives. We at the USL League Office are united in our passion and commitment to the pursuit of this vision."

The new league’s compensation structure and standards are set to be consistent with those of the USL men’s professional leagues. Officials created this new project with the hope of doubling the number of women’s soccer teams in the United States. 

"In our country there are seven times as many professional soccer teams for men than there are for women," Betsy Haugh, the USL's director of women's soccer operations, said.

"We are going to improve that ratio, and we invite players and fans to join us in building a new, outstanding level of women's soccer."

The new pathway includes the Girls Super Y League, the Girls USL Academy, the women's pre professional USL W League, and the USL Super League. The USL W League, set to start in 2022, announced its first 16 member clubs, and expects more than 30 teams to take the field next year.