Trent Alexander-Arnold admits Man Utd's Carabao Cup win 'burns'

It's been a tough season for Liverpool fans
It's been a tough season for Liverpool fans / Craig Mercer/MB Media/GettyImages

Liverpool right-back Trent Alexander-Arnold has revealed that he had to switch off coverage of last week's Carabao Cup final as he could not take the pain of watching rivals Manchester United lift the trophy.

The Red Devils ended their six-year trophy drought with victory against Newcastle at Wembley last week, succeeding Liverpool as winners of the Carabao Cup.

While many tipped Liverpool to fight for the Premier League title again and United to struggle due to a transitional period this season, things haven't quite panned out that way.

Erik ten Hag has finally got a tune out of United and they look well placed for a top-three finish this year, while Liverpool are currently languishing in sixth place.

Ahead of United's trip to Anfield on Sunday, Alexander-Arnold admitted he couldn't bear to watch the Reds' biggest rivals lift the Carabao Cup.

"I watched the game, but as soon as they were getting ready for the trophy lift I turned off. I thought, ‘There is no way I am watching that’," Alexander-Arnold told The Telegraph.

"Knowing they lifted that trophy? It burns. Oh yeah. It definitely burns."



Regarding Liverpool and United's surprise change in fortunes this season, he added: "It shows you how football changes very quickly.

"Look at Arsenal. At the end of last season everyone was talking about failure for not making the top four. All of a sudden they are leading in the title race. In football terms, these changes really do happen overnight.

"It’s the same with Manchester United when you look at the difference now to last year. Even the start of this season when they lost to Brentford. How many people were saying ‘here we go again?’, now they’re flying.

"It happens. That is why I am not going to allow myself to get over consumed with what has happened to us right now because I know in a few months, or possibly even weeks, it will change. I am determined to keep level-headed and balanced about what has gone on."