Todd Boehly arrives at Stamford Bridge for Chelsea's Champions League clash with Real Madrid

Tom Gott
Todd Boehly (right) will watch the Champions League quarter-final
Todd Boehly (right) will watch the Champions League quarter-final / Michael Kovac/GettyImages

Prospective Chelsea buyer Todd Boehly has been spotted arriving at Stamford Bridge for Wednesday's Champions League quarter-final meeting with Real Madrid.

Boehly is fronting one of four consortiums still battling to buy Chelsea, competing against the Ricketts family, Sir Martin Broughton and Stephen Pagliuca.

Boehly is in London to continue talks over buying the club, and as captured by Sky Sports, he is in attendance for Wednesday's crucial meeting with Real.

It's worth noting that this is no indication of the progress of Boehly's bid. The Ricketts' had representatives in the crowd to watch Chelsea get thumped 4-1 by Brentford at the weekend, while Tom and Laura Ricketts went to watch Chelsea Women on Sunday.

The Ricketts', who were due to fly back to Chicago before the Real game, used their time in London to meet Paul Canoville, the first black player in Chelsea history, in an attempt to improve their public image amid significant concerns over offensive comments made by Joe Ricketts in the past.

Raine, the group managing the sale, were accused of favouritism towards the Ricketts' by helping them meet Canoville, and so they have afforded Boehly the same meeting.

The American is set to meet Canoville in London on Friday.