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When Beth England was 18 years old, she got her first tattoo. The Chelsea FC forward connects with tattoo artist Alice Perrin to share the stories behind her current and future design inspirations. #ConnectWith

Beth England has established herself as one of the finest players in the WSL over the past three years, firing Chelsea to the double during the 2019/20 campaign.

The 2019/20 PFA Player of the Year is also a big tattoo fan, and each piece of her body art has some sentimentality behind it.

As Chelsea's official shirt sponsor, Three are keen to bring the Blues closer to their community and give supporters access to a side of the team that they've never seen before.

England was influential for Chelsea last season
England was influential for Chelsea last season / Catherine Ivill/Getty Images

And in the latest episode of Three's 'Connect With' series, striker England catches up with Alice Perrin from E4's Tattoo Fixers to talk about the stories behind her body art.

The Chelsea forward inked up for the first time when she was 18, getting a jigsaw tattooed on her wrist.

"It could literally relate to anything but there's always going to be some piece that you'll find in life that will make you happy - which does sound really cringe!" England laughed.

"I got it done just before I went to college and felt like such a boss person walking (around) like 'I've just got my first tattoo'."

A number of England's tattoos are sentimental, including a trio of elephants on one side of her ribs to represent her three sisters, and an angel on the opposite side to pay tribute to her late aunt.

"I've got an angel on my ribs for my auntie that died," she explained. "She got leukemia and my mum did a bone marrow transport for her. Sadly, her body just rejected everything my mum had given her and she died."

The England international also has a tattoo on her lower forearm which spells out 'twin' in Chinese, and her twin sister has one to match.

"The best thing about being a twin is you always had someone there," England added. "For the first 18 years of my life I always had a friend there and our tattoos really resemble how close we were."

Perrin then shows England a selection of tattoos she has designed specially for the Chelsea forward - which predominantly centre around England's beloved dog, Buddy. The pair promise to make the tattoo design a reality (and talk more about Buddy).

Three have been connecting influencers with some of Chelsea's biggest names in recent weeks, and you can see recent episodes of 'Connect With' on social media and on YouTube.