UEFA Euro 2020

The best images and videos as the Tartan Army take over London

Robbie Copeland
Scotland fans have been taking over the UK capital
Scotland fans have been taking over the UK capital / Rob Pinney/Getty Images

They may need a miracle to make the knockout stage, the weather might be awful, and there may be a global pandemic lurking ominously in the background.

But come hell or high water, you will not stop Scotland fans from having a party.

The sense of dread that followed that defeat to the Czech Republic on Monday has given way to a defiant optimism and the Tartan Army are now in full party mode ahead of their Euro 2020 clash with England at Wembley on Friday evening.

Despite Sadiq Khan's clear warning not to travel without a ticket to the game, Scotland fans have been making their way to the UK capital in their droves. Flights to Heathrow were packed and most of them were boisterous, as the party got started two days in advance of the game.

Only 2,000 or so Scotland fans were actually allocated tickets to the game. More than 20,000 travelled.

Why? Just ask this guy.

The Tartan Army have many heroes, but Aston Vila's John McGinn is certainly one of them. He's got ten goals for his country already, and fans reckon he's "better than Zidane."

And, to be fair, he is.

Can someone ask this next guy how on earth he got up there? The people need to know.

Scotland brought the rain with them to England, but ask the travelling fans - many of whom have been left with nowhere to go with no allocated fan zones and most bars sold out - if they care.

We're used to the rain in Scotland. We make the most of it.

With Trafalgar Square fenced off for key workers, Leicester Square became the unofficial home of the Tartan Army party.

It wasn't so bad either. It has a fountain, after all, and if there's one things Scotland fans love, it's a fountain.

It wasn't just McGinn who felt the love. David Marshall, despite trying to play in midfield against the Czech Republic, remains a hero for his playoff final heroics.

It wasn't all fun, games and congas, however.

Spare a thought for this guy - that's what we call a "dull yin" north of the border...

The guy was fine, though, and the party carried on.

Many pubs weren't allowing Scotland fans in due to fear of something kicking off. All Bar One in Leicester Square? No such fears.

Flower of Scotland is one thing, but we'll finish on the real national anthem...

Let's f*****g boogie!