Reece James gives his answer to the never ending Ronaldo/Messi debate

Jamie Spencer
Reece James has picked a side of the fence in football's most divisive debate
Reece James has picked a side of the fence in football's most divisive debate / Michael Regan/GettyImages

Chelsea defender Reece James invited fans on Twitter to throw him topics for a Q&A this week, answering everything from his toughest opponents to his favourite music and food.

James, who has had to sit out the World Cup because of injury was even asked which side of the Cristiano Ronaldo/Lionel Messi debate he falls on.

Who is better? Ronaldo or Messi? It’s an argument that has been raging in football for the last 15 years, since both cemented themselves as world class players. During that time, each has gone on to achieve incredible things, putting them also right in the thick of the ‘greatest of all time’ conversation.

James has gone with Ronaldo over Messi. He didn’t offer a particular reason, but it was the answer from the whole Q&A that garnered the most reaction and engagement on social media.

Ronaldo has scored over 700 club goals in his career to date, and well over 800 in total. Although he hasn’t won any many Ballon d’Or awards as Messi – five compared to seven – his longevity has been incredible in a career spanning 20 years and taking in almost 1,150 games.

James has never played against a team including Messi, while he has only ever faced an ageing Ronaldo and has not directly marked the now former Manchester United striker.

As for the toughest players he has faced, James specifically opted for left wingers he has had to mark. He chose Sadio Mane, whom he has come up against in the Premier League, Vinicius Junior following last season’s Champions League quarter-final, and a new one in Rafael Leao, whom he has only played against within the last couple of months.

James chose his Chelsea debut as his favourite moment for the club, with the question asker excluding the obvious Champions League final win in 2020, while his food choice: Nando’s.

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