Queretaro to officially reopen Estadio Corregidora to fans on March 19

Queretaro to officially reopen their stadium to fans.
Queretaro to officially reopen their stadium to fans. / Jam Media/GettyImages

Queretaro will officially reopen Estadio Corregidora to fans on March 19, after enduring a year-long ban following violent riots in the venue last year. 

On March 5, 2022, following the match against Atlas, brawls broke out in the stands between opposing supporters. The situation quickly escalated, forcing individuals to escape the stands and rush the field in the search for safety. Though officials say the fights resulted in no deaths, several news outlets and fans dispute the claim and allege unconfirmed reports of individuals losing their lives in the bloody clashes.

Liga MX punished Queretaro for the catastrophe, claiming the team provided insufficient security measures for those attending. The league imposed a 1.5 million pesos ($81,000) fine on Queretaro ownership, before banning those running the team from any league-related activities for five years. 

Ownership of Queretaro was also moved to Grupo Caliente, who are currently working on selling the team.

Additionally the team received a year-long ban of fans at Estadio Corregidora to be lifted in 2023 only if new strict safety measures were implemented, and a three-year ban for traveling supporters. 

League-wide, Liga MX took a stance against organized supporters groups by putting a temporary and ongoing pause on those groups being able to travel for away games. Increased safety protocols will also make it a requirement by Week 14 or 15 for Liga MX stadiums to use a Fan ID system that mandates online pre-registration for tickets and facial recognition technology at venues.

Beyond league efforts, last year's Queretaro fan riots also led to 14 arrests from those linked to the violence. On a governmental level, five employees involved with policing, civil defense, planning and preparations, were fired.

But the team has now received confirmation from the league after "satisfactorily complying with the protocols, procedures, and specifications outlined by Liga MX and the Queretaro state government for the reopening of the Estadio Corregidora."

Queretaro now invites supporters to attend Week 12's match against FC Juarez, which falls shortly after the one-year anniversary of the violent incident.