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Petr Cech updates Chelsea Women's squad on sale of the club

Ali Rampling
Cech has met with Chelsea's women's team following Abramovich's announcement
Cech has met with Chelsea's women's team following Abramovich's announcement / Marco Canoniero/GettyImages

Petr Cech has met with the Chelsea Women's team to keep them in the loop regarding Roman Abramovich's proposed sale of the club, with Emma Hayes insisting it is 'business as usual' ahead of the weekend's Continental Cup final.

Abramovich announced that he was putting the Blues on the market on Wednesday, and Cech - Chelsea's technical and performance advisor - met with the men's team on Thursday to brief them on the situation.

The women's team have also been spoken to, with both Hayes and defender Millie Bright stating that the comings and goings behind the scenes would not act as a distraction in the build up to Saturday's clash with Manchester City.

"We're all in a good space," said Bright. "He (Cech) came down and obviously everyone's aware of the situation and he came down and explained and reassured the group and for us it's business as usual, we've got a final tomorrow and that's our focus."

"That level of communication in house is how we behave and what we've come to expect," added Hayes. "The players are focussed on playing, I'm focussed on managing, and nothing will get in the way of us preparing properly for a game tomorrow.

"Of course it's important (Cech talking to the players) because with uncertainty creates conversation, so I think coming down and reminding the players the strength of the pack that we have at the club and the togetherness (is important).

"I will say this to our fans: Chelsea has been a strong force and will remain a strong force going forward because of the people involved in this football club. Having that ability to acknowledge change when it happens I think is what makes top class players what they are."

Chelsea have been a leading light in the women's game during the second half of Abramovich's era, setting standards in terms of resources and professionalism. Hayes was quick to play down fears that a new ownership would impact the running of Chelsea's women's side.

"This is a successful organisation and it will remain a successful organisation," she added. "You won't do that by breaking it up or going backwards. This football club is invested in this women's team and I expect that to remain long into the future.

"It's business as usual. Chelsea are people and amazing people across the club leading in all sections. We will be successful going forward. Nothing's changed - we've got a cup final tomorrow, I'm looking forward to that. I can't control what's being said in the media, what I know is that the team are focused and ready for another cup final tomorrow."