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Man Utd fans planning anti-Glazers protest at Norwich match

Jude Summerfield
United fans protested the club's owners last year
United fans protested the club's owners last year / OLI SCARFF/GettyImages

A Manchester United fan group is planning a new protest against the Glazer family, the club's owners, at their match at Old Trafford against Norwich on Saturday.

Red Devils supporters have grown increasingly tired of their owners, who plunged the club into debt when they bought it back in 2005. The team's poor fortunes on the pitch have also been used as ammunition against the Glazers.

There were protests at Old Trafford last year in response to the failed Super League launch by Europe's elite football clubs. Liverpool's trip to United last May was called off due to chaotic scenes where supporters spilled into the stadium during a time when no fans were allowed due to Covid-19 protocols.

However, the 1958 group have asserted that this action won't be similar to those scenes.

Those organising the event on Saturday told The Guardian: “This isn’t another Liverpool - we believe this was a one-off unique event. This is the start of constant, relentless, legal and peaceful protests and actions against our owners. We know the challenges ahead of us and we will not waver or detract from these goals. Bring your colours, banners, flags and flares. We need you – we need each other, we need everyone to put aside their differences. Some things are worth fighting for.”

Supporters are due to meet at the Tollgate hostelry in Stretford at 11am before they march to Old Trafford at 2pm. Those attending won't enter Old Trafford until 3:17pm, with each minute representing a year of the Glazers' shoddy reign. United are aware of the planned protest.

On the football side of things, 90min understands Erik ten Hag is close to finalising terms to become United's new manager.

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