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La Liga president Javier Tebas accuses Manchester City of 'economic doping'

Matt O'Connor-Simpson
Javier Tebas has a stormy relationship with Manchester City
Javier Tebas has a stormy relationship with Manchester City / AFP7/Getty Images

La Liga president Javier Tebas has hit back at criticism from Pep Guardiola, accusing Manchester City of 'economic doping'.

Guardiola had previously suggested that Tebas could learn from those who run the Premier League, pointing to the revenue gap between the two organisations.

However, La Liga's top man soon responded, taking to Twitter to address the criticism.

"In recent years we have reduced the distance with the Premier League despite the fact that La Liga has sold its television rights centrally for only seven years, compared to the Premier's 30 [years]," he wrote, as reported by Marca.

"In addition, the UK has twenty million more inhabitants than Spain. We grow every year. Our clubs have been profiting for seven years. You have to worry more about the City Group, which has accumulated a billion in losses in recent seasons. They are not investors. They are money destroyers who create inflation. Would you have won so many titles without economic doping?"

Javier Tebas
Tebas is an outspoken figure / AFP7/Getty Images

It is not the first time that La Liga's head honcho has hit out at City's business model. The Citizens are - along with Paris Saint-Germain, who have also attracted Tebas' ire - effectively owned by a state.

They have been criticised for various financial tactics, including agreeing commercial deals with state-colluding companies at massively inflated prices, which will have helped the clubs cover the astronomical wages and transfer fees they have paid in recent times.

Despite City's obvious wealth, Guardiola recently insisted that the club would not be able to afford a replacement for the club's record scorer Sergio Aguero, who joined Barcelona on a free transfer at the beginning of the month.

They have been heavily linked with Tottenham talisman Harry Kane, making an opening bid of £100m recently. They are also interested in Jack Grealish and are willing to break the Premier League transfer record in order to sign him.