Jose Mourinho 'boos Lazio Under-14s' in heated youth derby

Tom Gott
Mourinho is in hot water
Mourinho is in hot water / Giuseppe Bellini/GettyImages

Roma manager Jose Mourinho is said to be in hot water after he was seen booing a Lazio Under-14 player as they took a penalty against the Giallorossi's youth side.

Mourinho was shown his third red card of the season earlier this week after clashing with the fourth official during Roma's shock 1-0 defeat to minnows Cremonese, who had not won a Serie A game in 27 years prior to the game.

Two days earlier, it is alleged by Il Messaggero that Mourinho attracted plenty of unwanted attention for jeering an Under-14 player during an academy game.

Mourinho is accused of sitting behind the Roma bench and booing Lazio's Alexandru Milou as he stepped up to take a penalty, prompting a frustrated response from opposition coach Tobia Assumma.

With Roma leading 2-1 heading into the late stages, Mourinho was then allegedly heard imploring his players to feign injuries and waste time.



Roma held on to win the game, after which Mourinho took to Instagram to post a celebratory photo with the Under-14 side.

After a fiery week, Mourinho has insisted he could pursue legal action following his red card in the Cremonese game, accusing the fourth official with whom he clashed, Marco Serra, of using offensive language.

"I need to understand if I can take any legal action," Mourinho said. "[Referee Marco] Piccinini gave me a red card, because unfortunately the fourth official does not have the capacity to understand what he said to me.

"I want to find out if there is an audio recording. I don't want to get into the fact that Serra is from Turin and on Sunday we are playing against Juventus.

"For the first time in my career, a fourth official spoke to me in the most incredible way. It was unjustifiable. At the end of the game, I went to speak to them.

"Piccinini, who was the fourth official in the last game when I was sent off, told me to apologise to Serra. I told Serra he should have the courage to explain what happened, but he had memory problems."