Twitter explodes as inflatable unicorns return to England training

Matt O'Connor-Simpson
Training doesn't have to be boring
Training doesn't have to be boring / Catherine Ivill/Getty Images

When the going gets tough, its time to bring out the big guns and that's exactly what England have done ahead of their crunch Euro 2020 semi-final against Denmark.

So, what is it that Gareth Southgate has up his sleeve? A stunning new tactic? A revolutionary new coach? A faith healer?

Wrong, wrong and wrong. The secret weapon that the Three Lions brought out on Sunday evening was the return of the blow-up unicorns made famous during the 2018 World Cup!

If you don't remember those iconic inflatables photos of them first emerged four years ago partway through England's run to the semi-finals.

They proved such a hit that there was even an impassioned campaign to get an image of Harry Maguire riding one on the front of the new £50 note - a fact one of football Twitter's heavy hitters had not forgotten.

The return of the unicorns was treated with a universal outpouring of emotion. Forget about goals, assists and all the rest of that nonsense.

This is what football is really about.

The undoubted star of the show was Bukayo Saka. Earlier in the week Luke Shaw confessed that he wishes Saka was his son.

After this latest endearing act he could have a long list of fans lining up with adoption papers after the tournament.

Perhaps the only person who's not a fan is Marcus Rashford...

It wasn't long until the Photoshop wizards got their hands on the image as well. We expect to see plenty more of this before Wednesday please. England expects every Creative Media graduate to do their duty.