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DC United head coach Hernan Losada on Lionel Messi’s potential move to MLS

Lizzy Becherano
DC United head coach Hernan Losada comments on the possible arrival of Lionel Messi to MLS
DC United head coach Hernan Losada comments on the possible arrival of Lionel Messi to MLS / BSR Agency/Getty Images

Major League Soccer continues to grow with every passing season.

The league has reached unimaginable heights in recent years, closing the competitive gap between Europe and the United States to lure stars across the pond.

Hernan Losada is a managerial star who has made this move recently, swapping the Belgian First Division A for MLS prior to the start of the season - joining D.C. United. Despite having to deal with a roster plagued by injuries, Losada has managed two wins in the last six matches as the capital club's head coach.

In an exclusive interview with 90min, the DC United head coach answered a few questions about the future of MLS and potential player arrivals.

During the interview, Hernan Losada commented specifically on the possibility of Lionel Messi making his way to Major League Soccer. This isn't completely out of the realm of possibility, as MLS is always featured in talks around the striker's future.

"Totally, yes. I’ve heard from various people that know or work with Messi that he really aspires and wants to play in MLS. Not only because of the league though, but because here I think they can let him live a little bit more than in other places where football is an obsession and fans obsess over you. 

"That’s why I think stars, especially as famous as Messi, like living in this country. One can have a family lifestyle here, a tranquil life off the pitch while at the same time remaining a competitive athlete in MLS. I don't think it would be weird for him to end his career here.” 

Losada on the touchline. / BRUNO FAHY/Getty Images

The former Argentinian international also welcomed the opportunity to meet up with players from his past like Sergio Aguero. When asked about el Kun’s future, he also mentioned MLS:

“It is not determined yet, there is a lot of talk surrounding Barcelona but I think there is also a possibility that he could end up playing in MLS one day.” 

Though nothing is certain, like Losada, fans crave seeing Messi and Aguero play competitively in MLS. Hopefully that dream becomes a reality in the not too distant future.