Chelsea FC Women discuss their role models as part of Three’s #WeSeeYou network campaign

Ali Rampling
Sam Kerr and Erin Cuthbert have discussed their role models as part of Three's #WeSeeYou network campaign
Sam Kerr and Erin Cuthbert have discussed their role models as part of Three's #WeSeeYou network campaign / Nathan Stirk/GettyImages

In November last year, Three UK, in partnership with Chelsea FC, launched the #WeSeeYou Network; a positive, culture-shifting initiative aimed at celebrating more women in sport, at all levels. 

Three UK are searching for women who are football players, football coaches and those involved in the business of sport who deserve to be recognised and rewarded. As well as celebrating their incredible stories and building a network of incredible women; Three UK and Chelsea FC will host once in a lifetime experiences & mentorships for a select number of nominees. 

As part of the #WeSeeYou Network campaign, Three UK sat down with a few of the incredible players from Chelsea FC Women’s team; Sam Kerr, Erin Cuthbert and Niamh Charles; to discover who they'd nominate for the #WeSeeYou Network, discussing who inspired them to play sport and football.

Sam Kerr - the only player to win a golden boot in the NWSL, W League and WSL - said she took inspiration from Australian sprinter and 400m Olympic champion Cathy Freeman.

“She won the gold medal on home soil and I felt like as a kid that’s what really inspired me, seeing someone like that have the weight of the whole nation on her shoulders” said Kerr. 

Erin Cuthbert highlighted Julie Fleeting, Scotland's all time record goalscorer as her role model: “[She’s] from my local area so was my local hero. If she can do it, maybe I can."

Fara Williams, England’s most capped player of all time, was an icon for Niamh Charles when growing up: “Seeing what she achieved; I thought: 'Wow - she’s incredible! [She] really really inspired me and she still does now'.”

Three UK also spoke to young grassroots players to find out who inspires them to play today. Unsurprisingly, the young players called out a number of the current Chelsea FC Women’s squad, showcasing how current players are paving the way and inspiring the younger generation. 

Who inspires you? Who champions you? Who drives you? Who deserves to be seen and recognised? We want to see all of you!Nominate a woman who deserves to be seen at