The Best New Career Mode Features in FIFA 21

Oct 16, 2020, 8:21 PM GMT+1
EA Sports' latest game was released in October | DeFodi Images/Getty Images

The latest instalment of EA Sports' FIFA series has seen many new features brought to the screens of FIFA 21 players.

FIFA Ultimate Team and Career Mode are two fan favourites that have seen big upgrades this year, to the delight of many fans, since FIFA 21's released on 9th October on Playstation, Xbox and PC.

FIFA Career Mode players have had an overall positive reaction to the game mode in FIFA 21 - but what has changed this year?

Here's a look at some of the best new features in FIFA 21 Career Mode.

1. Interactive Match Simulator

Up first is something EA are calling the 'Interactive Match Sim', which allows users to watch a summary of the game unfold. The simulation screen contains both team lineups, which has been a feature in previous editions of FIFA, but there's a twist this year.

A 2D map of the match appears in the centre of the screen, where gamers can watch the action unfold. Losing 1-0 in a must-win game that you decided to simulate? Fear not. Now you can jump into the action and take control of your team if things aren't going to plan!

2. Player Development

Have you ever had a star player and wanted to change their position?

In previous editions of the game, you would do this by simply having to move the player out of their natural position, whereas now players can be retrained to take up new positions.

Trent Alexander-Arnold as a right winger? Roberto Firmino as a midfielder? The options are endless, and pretty fun too!

3. Match Sharpness and Active Training

The new match sharpness feature allows users to have control of their squad like never before.

This attribute indicates how players will manage in key periods of the game. By playing more matches, players will get a higher match sharpness, which could give a few managers some selection dilemmas.

In Active Training, users can now set up grouped training sessions for players in similar positions. This is useful for working on shooting drills with attackers or tackling drills with defenders, for example.

4. Schedule Planning

Users will now be able to take command of their team's training sessions, and can plan them alongside upcoming matches.

Rest periods can also be awarded to the team, with managers now having to balance match sharpness, fitness and morale. This will likely make it more important to have a big squad at your disposal, so that a variety of players can be used.

5. New Options in the Transfer Market

This is what EA are calling 'Enhanced Transfer Realism', and it's made a lot of players happy.

Whist the cut-away scenes are still in place of managers holding negotiations over the dinner table, there's more options available to the user wanting to buy a player.

EA have now added loan-to-buy options, which had previously been absent from the FIFA series. Also, the updated AI now has the ability to offer player-swap deals in negotiations, which is another nice touch.