Arsenal vs Tottenham: 'One Two' fans preview

Jack Gallagher
“TOTTENHAM ARE GOING TO SAVE ARTETA’S JOB”? Arsenal vs Tottenham | Specs vs Craig Mitch | Rivals
“TOTTENHAM ARE GOING TO SAVE ARTETA’S JOB”? Arsenal vs Tottenham | Specs vs Craig Mitch | Rivals / 90min Football

North London derby week is upon us, and with that comes passion, fire in the belly and unwavering bravado from every single fan of Tottenham Hotspur and Arsenal.

It also sees supporters clash as they argue, dispute and validate 'who is bigger?', 'who is better?', and 'who will finish higher this season?' between the two clubs.

So with the fans all arguing with one another, we at 90min thought we'd bring two of these fans into our studio and let them have at it in front of a camera as part of our brand new Rivals series.

The fans we chose for this debate - called the 'One Two' if you're wondering - were Arsenal man Specs and Tottenham fan Craig Mitch.

Here's how it all went down:

Who is the bigger club?


Craig Mitch: "Obviously Arsenal are a massive club - or were a massive club - but I feel like Spurs now, with the stadium we have, with the revenue streams we're bringing in - we overtook them in revenue in the last year.

"We're doing our thing and they're struggling.

"And we have the bigger players right now - Harry Kane, Son [Heung-min]."

Harry Kane
Kane is Tottenham's main man / Robbie Jay Barratt - AMA/Getty Images


Specs: "I feel like if we even end up in the Championship next season we'll still be bigger than Tottenham - we will still be bigger than Tottenham.

"We won the league unbeaten...our history, our [trophy] cabinet. Even when Tottenham finished above us we won the FA Cup."

Who has the better fans?

Arsenal Arsenalfantv GIF by AFTV - Find & Share on GIPHY


Specs: "We have got the best fans.

"Listen, you go on YouTube right now, you see Arsenal fans everywhere doing great things. Look at Troopz, myself, DT...

Craig Mitch looks bemused.

"We're taking over. Everyone wants to hear us.

"I don't see Tottenham fans anywhere."


Craig Mitch: "He didn't ask who has the most fans, he asked who has the better fans - your fans are toxic."

Prime Thierry Henry or prime Harry Kane?


Craig Mitch: "Do you know why you're putting Harry Kane up against someone who hasn't played for Arsenal in years? Because they fell off. They're done.

"Harry Kane has the most goals in north London derby history - he's scoring in this fixture.


Thierry Henry takes a free kick
Thierry Henry takes a free kick against Tottenham / Phil Cole/Getty Images

Specs: "Do you remember when Tottenham came to Highbury and Henry picked up the ball from the car park and he dribbled past everyone and scored?

"Kane hasn't done that against Arsenal."

Who is the most attractive club to sign for right now?

Fabio Paratici
Fabio Paratici is Tottenham's sporting director / Chris Brunskill/Fantasista/Getty Images


Craig Mitch: "Your manager doesn't know what he's doing, he's out of his depth. This is his first job.

"What top player around Europe would go 'you know what? let me go and play under this guy that didn't even get a cap for Spain."

Who is going to finish higher in the league?


Specs: "Arsenal finish about Tottenham this year."


Craig Mitch: "We've finished above them five years in a row, we could do it with our eyes closed.

"If [Kieran] Tierney and [Bukayo] Saka get injured they may not even finish in the top 15."

Arsenal vs Tottenham prediction


Craig Mitch: "2-1 Spurs."

Mikel Arteta
Arteta needs a win / Robbie Jay Barratt - AMA/Getty Images


Specs: "You've scored some great goals at the Emirates, going back to David Bentley in the 4-4 and the rabona last season.

"But you still didn't win - that's the thing. One thing I love about the Arsenal players is that they understand that beating Tottenham at the Emirates is religion.

"We're beating you 3-1.

"Tottenham are going to save [Mikel] Arteta's job."