7 Reasons Why Marcus Thuram Would Fit in Perfectly at Liverpool & Under Jürgen Klopp


​Marcus Thuram's in the best form of his career, so it's little surprise to see the Borussia Mönchengladbach forward being linked with a move to Jürgen Klopp's Liverpool.

This latest rumour, whether credible or not, actually makes a lot of sense for all parties involved.

Thuram, the son of France legend Lilian, is sure to be in for a big-money move at some point in the future, so here's a look at exactly why the 22-year-old would slot in perfectly at Liverpool.

He Plays Up to the Crowd

This might be a bit superficial for most fans, but Thuram's personality will make him an instant hit in the north-west.

He's almost always got a smile on his face on the pitch, but it's after the full-time whistle where Thuram really comes into his own, celebrating in front of Gladbach's fans by putting his shirt on the corner flag and lifting it high in the air.

He's got 'Kop favourite' written all over him.

He Can Play in 2 Key Positions

Most of Liverpool's targets ahead of the summer transfer window have centred around adding a new striker, but signing Thuram would actually kill two birds with one stone.

Since moving to Germany last year, Thuram has made 18 appearances through the middle - either on his own or alongside Alassane Pléa - but he's also featured 13 times out on the left, which could help to take some of the weight off Sadio Mané's load-bearing shoulders next season.

He's Thriving in a 'Red Bull' System

Liverpool and Borussia Mönchengladbach aren't part of Red Bull's system of clubs, but they are both linked to the energy drink company's philosophy.

The 'Red Bull style' was heavily moulded on Jürgen Klopp, utilising a lot of pressing and focusing on attacking. It's a system which is taught at all of their clubs, including current Gladbach boss Marco Rose's former side in Salzburg.

So although Thuram hasn't been part of Red Bull's system - which Klopp has raided before in the transfer market - directly, the Frenchman's second-hand experience with it should make a move to Anfield easier than normal.

He Defends From the Front

Liverpool are known the world over for their attacking capabilities, but an understated part of Klopp's system is using his attacking players to actually start their press, winning the ball back higher up the pitch.

This season, Sadio Mané ranks fifth among all Liverpool players for the number of tackles he's made in the Premier League, which is higher than Virgil van Dijk. Roberto Firmino (sixth) also plays a big role, although Mohamed Salah (14th) is given some leeway in the defensive department.

At Gladbach, Thuram has been doing a similar job. He's made 24 tackles in the Bundesliga which, when looking at his tackles per game, is the same contribution that Firmino makes at Liverpool.

He's Used to Liverpool's Patterns

Borussia Mönchengladbach and Liverpool might be two completely different sides, but they actually use the same areas of the pitch to attack their opponents.

Klopp's side have spent 37% of their time attacking down the left-wing this season, with the exact same amount down the right-wing and just 26% through the middle.

Bizarrely, Mönchengladbach's attacking map is the exact same as Liverpool's, spending 74% of their time attacking from wide areas and just 26% in the centre.

Gladback's two new full backs Stefan Lainer and Ramy Bensebaini have played a crucial part in that sense, so Thuram could be perfectly suited to forming a partnership with Andy Robertson and Trent Alexander-Arnold at Anfield.

He's Scoring a Variety of Goals

Based on Thuram's highlight reel, you wouldn't know he's right-footed.

The Italy-born forward has only scored two goals on his stronger foot all season and just three have come from headers. 

Half of Thuram's 10 goals across all competitions have actually come on his weaker left foot, while a total of four this season have been match winners.

He's Really, Really Different

For all the attacking players Liverpool have been linked with ahead of the summer transfer window, no one would bring such a new dimension to Klopp's attack quite like Thuram.

Timo Werner might be the bigger name, but Thuram is capable of being just as direct as the German superstar, while always possessing a physical presence that defenders simply hate to play against.

Although Liverpool's attack doesn't necessarily rely on brute force, Thuram still has the pace and technical ability to fit in with 'Plan A', he just brings something new and fresh to a squad who only really have Divock Origi to rely on as their backup.

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