​Marcus Rashford has 100% confirmed that Manchester United's pursuit of Jadon Sancho is going to be successful and the pair will be playing together at Old Trafford next season. 

Or, he's said a few things online and merely stated he 'hopes' the pair can play together in the near future. Hmm, let's delve into this one.

A standstill in football has made rumours come to the fore once more - this despite there being no transfer window for some time - pushing speculation around Sancho's future to centre stage yet again.

No need to list his ​Borussia Dortmund stats this season since you've heard them all before, but basically, Sancho is immense and people want his signature. Plenty do, in fact, but 90min understands that ​United are at the front of the queue at present and pursuing him ahead of a potential summer move.

So when ​Rashford signed up to do an Instagram Q&A with ​Bleacher Report, naturally a question or two about his international teammate cropped up. He made no bones about his admiration for the forward (why wouldn't he) and in light of whether he's a player he'd like to lineup alongside, he duly concurred (obviously).

Expect to read plenty of headlines along the lines of 'Marcus Rashford Demands Man Utd Secure Jadon Sancho Deal', but before you get ahead of yourself, take a minute and think: What would I say if you were asked that question? Yes, exactly.

Jadon Sancho,Marcus Rashford

"It would be good [if Jadon Sancho joined United]. Sancho is a great player," the striker said. "He's like the new generation player. It's definitely exciting to watch the player he's becoming - hopefully we can all play together. That would be good.

"He plays off the cuff, he's creative, he's imaginative and I think they're the thing in this generation that you need."

Look, we all know that a plethora of sides are after Sancho - that much is blatantly clear. We also know that United are looking good in that pursuit, but don't be swayed by an eventual tsunami of online nonsense as all kinds of stories emerge from these quotes.

Rashford is a fan of Sancho - we all are - he plays with him for England and he's more than likely a close friend. He's hardly going to slate him, is he? Make what you will of the comments, but don't go too overboard.

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