​Footballers - like the rest of us - have a lot of time on their hands at the moment, and Karim Benzema recently decided to occupy his time by insulting Chelsea striker Olivier Giroud. 

Yep, the Real Madrid man recently laughed off comparisons between himself and Giroud on an Instagram Live video with Brazilian Ronaldo. 

Using a ​a weird and needless metaphor, he said: “We cannot confuse and we must not confuse a Formula 1 car with a go-kart. I am kind to him, but I am Formula 1.

"It works for France because he has great players like [Antoine] Griezmann and [Kylian] Mbappé around him. He does his job. I do not know if everyone likes his game."

Perhaps the best part about the absolutely needless jibe was that ​Benzema actually explained that he was being 'kind' to him...

Well, anyway, water under the bridge, as they say. Or not, because Benzema has actually doubled down on his claims now, insisting that what he said was nothing but the truth. This time, he's also decided to call out his viewers for only listening to what he said about ​Giroud being a 'go-kart', rather than what he said about the ​Chelsea man's role in the France national side. 

In another Instagram Live video (via ​Marca), Benzema said: "Some people only took away things about Giroud and Formula 1 [from the live broadcast], but they didn't remark what I said about what he'd brought to the French national team.

Karim Benzema

"They only focused on that, on what I said about Formula 1 and karting, but it's what I think and it's the truth.

"Look, if I was asked about R9 [Ronaldo Nazario], then he would be the Formula 1 and I would be the kart. Short and simple."

Ok, yes, the ​Real forward did claim that Giroud 'does his job' for the national team when he first brought this up......but he also had to add in the fact that this is only because he has great players around him. 

Giroud has since hit back in some fashion. He told ​BeFoot"Perhaps I am a go-kart, but I'm a World Champion. Not bad for a go-karter."

Not bad, Olivier. 

It is also worth noting that before Benzema lost his place in the France squad because he was accused of blackmailing teammate Mathieu Valbuena over a sex tape, he managed 27 goals in 81 appearances. 

As for Giroud, he is behind only Thierry Henry and Michel Platini in the goalscoring charts for France, having managed 39 goals in 93 appearances.