Leicester City's rejection of a £70m bid from Manchester United for Harry Maguire is the main talking point among the British press on Tuesday afternoon.

​Sky Sports and the BBC's Simon Stone have reported the news, with confirmation coming quickly to suggest that the Foxes have rejected the offer and will hold out for a higher fee than Virgil van Dijk's transfer cost in January 2018 - he moved for £75m to Liverpool - before agreeing to any deal. 

The news has been presented as fresh, but ​Leicester's position in negotiations has remained the same for the duration of the summer, and United's bid was lodged a number of weeks ago. The Foxes' hand is only strengthened further by the recent £50m transfer of Aaron Wan-Bissaka to United - an England defender five years junior to Maguire - as it confirms Maguire's market position.

Manchester City, who've not been mentioned in Tuesday's updates, are also in the running, and have made a bid of their own in the past. Leicester have rejected that too, but they will sell for the right price. Leicester are looking to sell for between £85m and £90m if they can push matters that far.

Harry Maguire

90min ​first learned of the developments on June 14, and reported the following at the time.

"Leicester are under no pressure to sell, 90min understands, and are perfectly content to sit on any deal until an acceptable offer is made. Their initial demand to the Manchester clubs went as high as £120m, and while it's obviously unrealistic and one that's unlikely to be met, it's a display of the Foxes' position of power in negotiations. They do not need to sell.

"The club are aiming to get as close to the £100m mark as they can in any potential sale, but their position in negotiations will likely mean it's United who are the ones that chase hardest.

"Leicester are confident that they will eventually strike a deal close to their asking price and the player, Maguire himself, is unlikely to actively push the club to finalise a deal. That's even while Leicester are aware the 26-year-old is ready to join a bigger club."

All of the above remains the case.

As it stands, United and City are both confident that they will be able to sign Maguire this summer. The player is ready to move, and while his preference may be ​City, the Premier League champions are more likely to stick to a certain stopping point (in terms of offers and wages) as they have displayed in past negotiations with other players.

United's desire to make a big-name central defensive signing could give them the edge.