​Jose Mourinho has insisted that he is 'man enough' to apologise when he believes he has spoken unfairly of other managers and declared his feud with Antonio Conte 'over' - while taking another barely-veiled pop at the ​Chelsea manager. 

The pair have been ​trading barbs in the press since the New Year, with the Italian calling his Portuguese counterpart a 'small man' after Mourinho alluded to his ban for match fixing in Italy; with the charges against him later dropped. 

​Asked over the weekend if he enjoyed his seemingly constant back-and-forth with rival managers, the ​Manchester United manager insisted: “I don’t enjoy. When I start them I take the responsibilities of that and I’ve started many times. 

"When I don’t start it’s quite funny for me to see other people on the other side acting like victims when they’re not the victims. But, really, I don’t enjoy. That’s why for me it’s over.

“Sometimes it’s my fault. Sometimes it’s other managers’ fault. When I think it’s my fault and I should behave in a different way I’m the first one to apologise, like I did with Ranieri when I had the chance. That’s when our relations went from bad to good and from good to very good because I was man enough to apologise.”

The pair will come up against each other at the end of February at Old Trafford, with only goal difference currently separating the pair in the Premier League ahead of United's ​Monday night game against Stoke - still without a manager after the sacking of Mark Hughes.