Juventus Take Controversial Decision to Reinstate Club Doctor Embroiled in 90s Doping Scandal


​Juventus have taken the controversial decision to bring back former club doctor Riccardo Agricola - a man who was once handed a suspended prison sentence for supplying players with performance-enhancing drugs.

The club will reinstate Agricola to the position of director of J-Medical, which is Juve's own medical facility of excellence, obviously amid huge controversy given his past involvements - as reported by ​Corriere Della Sera.

Agricola stood accused of supplying drugs such as EPO to first team players 20 years ago, but was acquitted a year after being handed his suspended sentence.

He was head of medical at the time Juventus toppled Ajax in the European Cup final under Marcelo Lippi, and the after that game, the Juventus players came under suspicion for their unusually high levels of strength and power - the Bianconeri have never been found guilty of any wrongdoing though.

In December 2005, Agricola was cleared of sporting fraud by Turin's court of appeal, who determined that the use of EPO could not be proven.

Agricola will take over from Gianluca Stesina, but Max Allegri's other medical staff will remain in their positions.