​Ex-Premier League referee Howard Webb has delivered a stunning analysis of Jamie Vardy's goal against Liverpool, and explained why it should have been struck off.

Leicester City lost 4-1 to the Reds on Saturday, and their only goal came in the first half when Shinji Okazaki pressured Lucas into passing the ball to Vardy for an easy strike.


But as Webb duly pointed out, Lucas should have been spared the embarrassment as the goal should have been disallowed. 

Webb is not liked by Liverpool supporters as they constantly accused him of showing favour to Manchester United over the years. But they will appreciate this bit of analysis from the former official, who now works as an analyst for BT Sport.

He came on the mic after the goal was scored, to say that it shouldn't have stood because Okazaki entered the penalty area before the ball had left it following Mignolet's goal-kick, infringing on law 16 of the rule-book.

The rule states that:

- The ball must be stationary and is kicked from any point within the goal area by a player of the defending team

- The ball is in play when it leaves the penalty area

- Opponents must be outside the penalty area until the ball is in play

Well that's how it works for goal kicks in FIFA, so it must be right, right?

Yet as the image below clearly shows, Okazaki found himself in the box before the ball had left it.

Liverpool vs Leicester

Unfortunately, Vardy's goal was of little worth to the defending champions.