'I did look a lot and it affected me' - Darwin Nunez reveals his response to criticism

  • Darwin Nunez no longer looks at comments on social media
  • Forward deleted all Liverpool content from his Instagram
  • "Whoever says negative comments do not affect them is lying"
Darwin Nunez has been consistently bashed on social media
Darwin Nunez has been consistently bashed on social media / Chris Brunskill/Fantasista/GettyImages

Liverpool forward Darwin Nunez has admitted that he doesn't look at social media any more in a bid to rise above the criticism, even blocking out positive comments.

Nunez recently removed all Liverpool content from his Instagram account, although he has since changed his profile picture to an image of himself and his family in Reds kit from the final day of the Premier League season. Seemingly, it gives critics less ammunition.

"From the moment you start playing and until you retire, there will always be someone who will criticize you. I avoid reading those comments," he told Por la jersey in his native Uruguay.

"Before, I did look at them a lot and it affected me. Whoever says that those negative comments do not affect them is lying, those negative comments that are directed towards you will always affect you.”

His plan to rise above it is to just block everything out.

Darwin Nunez
Liverpool fans have expected more of Nunez / Michael Regan/GettyImages

"They tell me everything, but I ignore those comments because they are of no use to me. I never look at the negative comments on social media, at least now I'm not looking at anything, not even the good stuff. If a game goes badly for me, I rely on my family," Nunez explained.

"When things go badly for me, I get hot, but I try to laugh with my family and not show my son the anger I have, what happened in the game is already there, it's already happened, and there is always revenge."

Nunez had a disappointing 2023/24 season with Liverpool. Having taken the number nine shirt and assumed a more prominent following Roberto Firmino's departure last summer, the 24-year-old struggled to pick up the mantle as the Reds faded out of the title race.

The formerly prolific ex-Benfica man scored 18 times in all competitions, but only 11 in what was a record season of goalscoring across the wider Premier League. He was guilty of 27 'big chances missed', second in the competition behind only Erling Haaland (36), who still scored 27 times for Manchester City to win both the title and the Golden Boot for the second year running.