X reacts as Arsenal's European dreams come to an end in Germany

  • Bayern Munich advance in the Champions League after defeating Arsenal at the Allianz Arena
  • A single goal was enough to guarantee European success
  • Fans react as Arsenal miss out on a semi-final spot
Arsenal's European dreams come to an end
Arsenal's European dreams come to an end / Justin Setterfield/GettyImages

Bayern Munich asserted their dominance over Mikel Arteta's Arsenal in the second leg of the Champions League quarter-finals to send the Gunners packing.

Arsenal's dreams of achieving European success were brought to an end in Germany as Bayern secured their place in the semi-finals courtesy of a 1-0 win.

It was a huge occasion and the hosts did their very best to give the game the glamour it deserved.

Martin Odegaard fired an early shot, which suffered due to a slight deflection from the edge of the box. Bayern goalkeeper Manuel Neuer was the first to make a save as he stopped the Gunners from taking an early lead.

Neither side were able to take the edge in the first half, as players headed into the dressing rooms eager to come back and prove they were the worthy winners.

However, when play resumed, Bayern were quick to change the game. Joshua Kimmich popped up with the all-important header shortly after the hour mark to put the German side in control of the tie.

Arsenal were unable to learn from the mistakes they made in the first leg and failed to get themselves back into the game, seeing their Champions League journey brought to an abrupt end.

Football fans were quick to jump on the 'I hate Arsenal' train.

Gooners did, of course, not feel the same way, and were devastated to see their team drop out of European football. They do, however, still have the Premier League trophy potentially within their grasp.