Xabi Alonso reveals role in convincing Thiago to join Liverpool

Tom Gott
Alonso helped convince Thiago to join Liverpool
Alonso helped convince Thiago to join Liverpool / Quality Sport Images/GettyImages

Liverpool icon Xabi Alonso has confessed he played a part in convincing Thiago to join the club from Bayern Munich in 2020.

Alonso spent five successful years at Anfield, pulling the strings at the base of the midfield, before moving on to Real Madrid and eventually joining Bayern in 2014, 12 months after Thiago joined the German side.

The pair struck up a rapport in Germany and Alonso has now revealed Thiago reached out for advice about joining Liverpool before making his move.

"You could see that he's a different player," he told "He's a different talent because he's competitive but at the same time he has those magic Brazilian actions that are not that European. He's competitive but he can do different things.

"He was a great player at Bayern and he continues being consistent and being a great player at Liverpool.

"We talked a lot that summer [2020] because he was thinking about the option. I said, 'Thiago, you love football, you're in a great club, you're in Bayern and you've achieved great things, but Liverpool is pure football and you're going to enjoy it as much as you have done. If you feel it's the right moment for a new chapter, you won't get better places than Liverpool'."

When it was pointed out that he was still racking up assists for Liverpool even after his departure, Alonso admitted: "Well, once a Red, always a Red – it's not a logo, I think it's a reality.

"Not just my case, I think that most of us feel really close to the club. Wherever you are in the world, Liverpool fans remember you and they keep you closer to the club. That's the best thing of Liverpool – all the support and all the family that's around the world."

Alonso is heading back to Anfield later this month to take part in a Legends game against Bayern, and he confessed he was looking forward to getting back out on the famous turf.

"Every time you have the opportunity to get back to Anfield, it's really exciting and for me after a few years since my last participation," he said.

"I'm really looking forward to being back in the stadium, to be back with the fans and it's always very enjoyable and you feel really privileged to have played there.

"My last time was the other legends game against Bayern. Since then, I have not come back to Anfield. I've been busy with my coaching things and now I have more time. You always miss where you have been happy and where you have had great moments, great memories. You always miss it – for sure after some time.

"It's going to be really enjoyable, really exciting for me to have that feeling. I remember the first time I was on the pitch and you felt the soul of the stadium. That's what excites me the most – to get back and to feel that special charm that is unique at Anfield."