Wolves Hammer Home Portuguese Vibes With New Third Kit

Nuno Espirito Santo
We're sure Portuguese boss Nuno Espirito Santo will be a fan | Robbie Jay Barratt - AMA/Getty Images

Ten. There are ten Portuguese players in Wolves' first team squad.

But hey, whatever floats their boat, right? For years, Arsenal were referred to as the Paris of the Premier League after signing so many French players, and both clubs have had success in their own methods.

Yet, having previously tried to back away from the Portugal tag in Wolverhampton, the release of Wolves' third kit indicates they know full well what the interpretation is of them from outside the midlands, and have decided to completely embrace it.

That's because it basically is a Portugal kit. Change the badge and hey presto. Having already come under intense ridicule for their away strip, the reactions of the new release have naturally centred around the quite obvious colour scheme.

A maroon jersey and shorts with green accents are completed with green socks, and it really is quite impossible to avoid the rather obvious ode to the classic Portugal kits of days gone by. With a whole host of young Portuguese stars in their ranks, perhaps it's a ploy to keep them from feeling homesick as they wander the streets of Wolverhampton in search of a taste of home.

Oh wait, turns out there is actually a 'mini Portugal' being formed in the city. Makes sense. Back on to the kit, however, where the public were quite content ripping into Nuno Espirito Santo's side for their new choice of attire.

Some team that was.

All they need is one more player and Wolves could legitimately field an entire starting lineup of Portuguese players. I think it's fair to see we'd all like to see that. In the third kit too, just for the ultimate s***housery.

Just because it's been mocked on social media, it doesn't mean everyone hates it. Take away the obvious connotations and it ain't half bad.

Theory: Perhaps they've adopted a Portugal inspired kit in order to pass their players off as homegrown? Worth a punt.

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