Why Chelsea still have Three logo on shirts after sponsorship suspension

Chelsea have not removed the Three logo from their shirts
Chelsea have not removed the Three logo from their shirts / Matthew Ashton - AMA/GettyImages

Chelsea continue to wear the Three logo on their matchday shirts because the sanctions imposed on the club by the UK government forbid them from printing new kits.

In the wake of the punishments handed out to owner Roman Abramovich, Three confirmed that they have asked to suspend their partnership with the Blues while the matter is resolved and have requested the removal of their logo from club shirts.

Despite that request, Chelsea continue to wear shirts with the Three logo, most recently doing so in Sunday's 1-0 victory over Newcastle United, and The Athletic note that they are currently unable to remove the logo.

As part of the government sanctions, the club are not permitted to print new kits and since shirts without the Three logo don't exist already, Chelsea can only play in what they currently have.

Three remain keen to see their logo removed until a takeover is finalised and talks are ongoing over a possible solution.

The telecommunications company are not expected to pursue legal action against Chelsea as there is an acceptance that the club can do nothing about it at this point, as well as an awareness that the Blues have bigger issues on their plate currently.

Similarly, sleeve sponsor Hyundai are looking at ways to get their logo removed after suspending their agreement with the club.

However, kit manufacturer Nike remain committed to working with Chelsea and are involved in negotiations with the other sponsors over the logo removals.