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Why Antonio Conte's talks with Tottenham broke down

Ross Jackson
Antonio Conte's talks with Spurs have broken down
Antonio Conte's talks with Spurs have broken down / Jonathan Moscrop/Getty Images

Apparently more people across the UK have been offered the Tottenham manager's job than have had two doses of the coronavirus vaccine.

For those of you who want the official numbers involved; 26.8m UK citizens have had both jabs, while, erm, a few more have been asked if they want to be the new Spurs boss.

Former Chelsea manager Antonio Conte is the latest to slap a custard pie in the face of Daniel Levy, with the Italian tactician understood to have walked away from discussions after failing to smooth over a number of disagreements with the Spurs chairman.

Seems a bit weird that the pair have clashed? They both seem so agreeable and compromising. Anyway, you're probably left wondering why a deal couldn't be thrashed out and we've got the answers for you.

Levy and Conte disagreed on a number of matters, with Goal reporting one of the main details being the transfer budget available this summer.

Given Conte is rumoured to have left Inter due to a financial dispute, it'll probably come as no surprise that the former Chelsea boss requested a sizeable budget to rebuild the Spurs squad, though Levy couldn't provide such assurances. Shocking we know.

Daniel Levy is still on the hunt for a new boss
Daniel Levy is still on the hunt for a new boss / Jan Kruger/Getty Images

Next up on the list of squabbles was the future of Harry Kane. The England man could be on his way out of the Tottenham Hotspur Stadium this summer and Conte wanted reassurances from Levy that a sizeable chunk of the money generated from any potential sale would be invested back into the squad. No deal from Levy once again.

Those were the main disagreements the pair refused to back down over, though the list didn't stop there, with Conte's wage demands yet another bump in the road as well as Levy not being prepared to allow the Premier League winning manager to bring with him the backroom staff he requested.

To cut a long story short the deal is never going to happen, and if you're over the age of 18 and have ever played Football Manager you can expect your invitation to become the new Spurs boss anytime within the next 3-5 working days.