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Chelsea forked out a British record fee to sign World Cup star Enzo Fernandez on transfer deadline day, with the hope that the midfielder will become the centrepiece of a new, improved Blues side.

So what can Chelsea fans expect from their new star on the pitch?

90min's podcast 'Son of Chelsea' have taken a look...

On this edition of Son of Chelsea, part of the 90min podcast network, Daniel Childs is joined by Adrian Sousa of Rabona TV to break down the skills of Enzo Fernandez, his impactful spell at Benfica & more.If you can't see this embed, click here to listen to the podcast!

What to expect from Enzo Fernandez

Adrian Sousa: "At Benfica, he was someone that, with all of the attacking football that Roger Schmidt wanted to play with guys like Rafa, Goncalo Ramos, David Neres down the right, Joao Mario, Enzo was the one that was constantly finding them in the attack.

"His delivery from set pieces and how he would combined with the attackers in the final third with delicate little passes around the box, but he could also spring a counter from deep. He was integral to progressing the ball for Benfica.

"Enzo is a step above. He is that elite talent.

"His football IQ is at a level that you don't see too often. When you think of some of the top midfielders [of all time] like Toni Kroos or Xavi who have a high-level of footballing IQ and know where they're passing the ball next even before they receive it, and couple that with the technical ability to pull off these passes, that's what he has."

Daniel Childs: "I think one of the things that stands out to me, and is exciting Chelsea fans, is that creativity. There's been plenty of things that have frustrated me about Chelsea's midfield in recent years, and one of those has been a lack of creativity - particularly since Cesc Fabregas left."

Is Enzo more comparable to Cesc Fabregas or Nemanja Matic?

Adrian Sousa: "Much closer to a Cesc Fabregas. He's very, very technical and has a very, very high IQ.

"Something I hear from Chelsea fans is them lamented that a lot of the midfielders just play horizontal passes instead of vertical passes, and Enzo is someone that is 98th or 99th percentile of progressive passers into the final third.

"He's very much a player that is always looking to get forward."