What does FT mean in soccer?

  • FT and HT are two different abbreviations commonly used in soccer
  • FT in soccer appears at the conclusion of a game
  • Soccer games last 90 minutes, plus extra stoppage time
Here's what FT means in soccer.
Here's what FT means in soccer. / Gabriele Maltinti/GettyImages

Nothing is final in a soccer match until the clock stops running and the abbreviation, FT, appears next to a score line.

There is nothing more thrilling than an end-to-end soccer match featuring the best players in the world. The 2022 World Cup final is an perfect example of everything a fan could want in a soccer game. From a Kylian Mbappé hattrick to a Lionel Messi masterclass, the biggest game in soccer lived up to the hype, and barely gave viewers time to breathe.

Not all soccer matches are as exhilarating as the World Cup final, but they all have one thing in common—anything can happen in 90 minutes. Only the referee's whistle can put a stop to the action, quickly followed by FT flashing on the broadcast.

So, what exactly does FT mean in soccer?

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A referee blows the final whistle to signal FT. / Jonathan Moscrop/GettyImages

What does FT mean in soccer?

FT in soccer means "full time." After 90 minutes and stoppage time concludes, the referee will blow the final whistle of the match, ending the game and cementing the "full time" score. Whatever score line exists at FT is the official result, even if both teams are level.

Viewers most commonly see FT pop up on a broadcast as soon as the match concludes; the game clock stops running and instead displays, "FT." Later on, FT might also appear alongside multiple match scores to alert fans that certain games are over, and the highlighted scores are final.

If you are a basketball fan, think of FT as "final." Once you see final pop up next to a score line, you know the game is over. The same logic is applied to FT in soccer.

What does HT mean in soccer?

HT in soccer means "half-time." At the end of the first 45 minute half, both teams will leave the field and retreat into their respective locker rooms. As soon as the official blows the whistle for half-time, the clock will stop and display, "HT."

After 15 minutes, each side retakes the field to get the next 45-minute half of soccer underway. The clock resumes running until the end of the match.

If you are ever checking soccer scores online or on a sports app, you might notice "HT" next to certain matches, meaning there is still another half of soccer to be played.