Wayne Rooney vs Sergio Aguero: Who was better?

Jack Gallagher
Image by Matthew Burt
Image by Matthew Burt /

Wayne Rooney and Sergio Aguero.

392 Premier League goals and 10 Premier League titles between them, and both are their respective clubs' all-time top goalscorers.

It's fair to say that both are all-time greats.

But who was better?

That's the questions we at 90min are going to answer (with your help) in this week's edition of Rivals.

1. Premier League record

Rooney won it all
Rooney won it all /

Surprisingly, Aguero won as many Premier League titles as Rooney (five apiece), but the Man Utd legend takes this one because of his individual accolades in the league.

Rooney is the second highest goalscorer in the competitions history - scoring 24 more than Aguero - and is the third highest assister too.

And, unlike Aguero, he also won a PFA Players' Player of the Year award and two PFA Young Player of the Year awards.

Winner: Rooney

2. Finishing

Aguero was a world class finisher
Aguero was a world class finisher /

392 Premier League goals suggests that Rooney and Aguero knew where the back of the net was.

And, shock horror, they did.

However, despite Rooney scoring more league goals than Aguero, this has to be the Argentine's category.

The numbers that back up that statement are as followings:

Aguero: 0.67 goals per game
Rooney: 0.42 goals per game

Aguero: 42% shot accuracy
Rooney: 38% shot accuracy

Winner: Aguero

3. All-round play

Rooney could do it all
Rooney could do it all /

We've established that Aguero was a more potent finisher, and now we're going to establish that Rooney was the better all-round player.

Rooney more than twice as many Premier League assists helps establish this.

As does the fact that Rooney was able to seamlessly slot into midfield late in his career.

The main thing that establishes this as fact however is pretty simple: watching any game either of the two have ever played.

Winner: Rooney

4. Clutch moments

Aguero was a man for the big occasion
Aguero was a man for the big occasion /

Yep, this has to Aguero's category.

And you know why.

That goal to win the Premier League title in the last second of the season against QPR.

Winner: Aguero


Separating these two undisputed Premier League greats was always going to be a nigh-on impossible task. That's why we handed it over to a readers' vote.

It was fairly close but in the end Rooney was triumphant 61% to 39%.