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UEFA have 'grave concerns' over FIFA's plans for more World Cups

Tom Gott
Ceferin is not a fan of FIFA's World Cup plans
Ceferin is not a fan of FIFA's World Cup plans / Anadolu Agency/Getty Images

UEFA president Aleksander Ceferin has confessed to having major concerns about FIFA's plans to host a World Cup every two years.

FIFA chief Arsene Wenger recently stressed the need to shake up the international tournament scene, offering an in-depth interview to explain why the organisation believe more World Cups would be best for football.

The plans haven't exactly been well received by the majority of fans, and in a letter to Football Supporters Europe executive director Ronan Evain, Ceferin admitted he is also not a fan of the proposals.

“UEFA and its national associations also have serious reservations and grave concerns surrounding reports of FIFA’s plans,” Ceferin wrote (via AP).

The UEFA president then went on to add his frustration towards Wenger's interview, claiming the comments to be nothing more than a publicity campaign from those higher up at FIFA.

“Considering the major impact this reform may have on the whole organisation of football, there is widespread astonishment that FIFA appears to be launching a PR campaign to push its proposal whilst any such proposals haven’t been presented to confederations, national associations, leagues, clubs, players, coaches, clubs and all the football community," Ceferin continued.

“As one concrete example amongst so many, it is imperative to highlight the concerns shared across the footballing world regarding the impact a biennial FIFA World Cup would have on the international match calendar and, prominently in this context, on women’s football.”

Ceferin later confirmed to Evain that UEFA were prepared to butt heads with FIFA over their proposal, adding: “Allow me to assure you that UEFA stands with you and the fans on this important issue.

“We must work together to defend the interests of the game and reinforce the position of fans as key stakeholders.”