Twitter Reacts to Manchester United Signing Donny van de Beek

Ross Kennerley
De Beek is a Red Devil.
De Beek is a Red Devil. / Soccrates Images/Getty Images

Chelsea are spending (lots of) money, Manchester City are spending money, Tottenham are spending money, and even Arsenal are spending (a little bit of) money.

So with Manchester United fans impatiently waiting in the wings for summer additions, on the verge of Twitter breakdowns and getting #WoodwordOut trending (again).

Good thing there was no time for that, right? But this is no Alexander Büttner or Diogo Dalot, United have just gone and signed none other than Donny van de Beek.

You may remember him from such Champions League shocks as 'Real Madrid 1....Ajax 4', and, 'Juventus 1...Ajax 2'....

If you don't, you should.

The Dutch midfielder is now officially an Manchester United player and a mighty fine one to boot. Supporters of the club had their eyes on one particular player this window, but while that's still very much in the works, this one will more than whet their appetite in the meantime.

As you'd expect, Twitter was pretty chuffed.

Firstly, talk about the casual mic drop from Manchester United. Trying too hard to be cool? Bereft of decent announcement ideas? Or is it actually a pretty suave way to do it?

You decide.

While you do that, let's see how (unbelievably) chuffed everyone else was.

Barring the dearth of any defensive output, it sure ain't bad.

Some people clearly planned waaaaaay ahead.

Others already await Ole Gunnar Solskjaer's Norwegian/Mancunian sounding nicknames.

While plenty just felt overjoyed.

Van de Beek over Jack Grealish, who agrees?

Is the Solskjaer effect more powerful than we first thought? Is this 'PE teacher' actually going to become United's saviour? Sure is going well thus far, you've got to say.


This was supposed to be exciting, not stupidly sad.

As is the case with the Twitterverse, if one tag gets attatched to your club, it tends to stick....

Penchester Penited, being one of them.

Sometimes, you don't need big words, thousands of emojis or pre-made fake Netflix posters.

Less is more. Enough to express your feelings.