Twitter reacts to Mike Dean's astonishing decision to send off Tomas Soucek

Max Cooper
Arguments / Pool/Getty Images

That's it. To quote every person ever - the game has officially gone.

Time of death: 97 minutes into West Ham United's 0-0 draw with Fulham.

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Cause of death: Mike Dean, VAR and Tomas Soucek's sad face.

In possibly the worst use and execution of the Video Assistant Referee in Premier League history, Dean opted to brandish a red card to the loveable Czech star, for accidentally brushing Aleksandar Mitrovic with his elbow as he attempted to make a bit of space for himself.

Even like that, it sounds worse than it actually was. Trust us, it was the least violent conduct that football has ever witnessed. Somewhere, Vinnie Jones has shed a single tear for the game he once knew, and played so terrifyingly.

As is often the case, it was celebrity referee Deany who was front and centre of this latest sporting injustice. He went to the screen, took an age to deliberate (purely for the cameras), then did what we knew he was always going to do from the moment Mitrovic hit the floor.

Of course, you guys knew that, too.

In fact, most of us had a sneaky suspicion that Deany was enjoying this bit of attention - which makes a change for him, right?

It's not just us that have assumed for a wee while that Dean loves the spotlight - just ask a few football favourites.

In all of this though, there's one man we've got to feel sorry for - and one we don't.

Do we think Dean will lose any sleep over it? Absolutely not.

I'll say it again everyone: the game's gone. Pack up, take the ball back home, it's finished.