Twitter Reacts to Man City's Unenthusiastic Guard of Honour and Liverpool Fans' Fireworks

Jordan Henderson
Manchester City give Premier League champions Liverpool a guard of honour | Pool/Getty Images

After all that furore, after all that debate, Manchester City's guard of honour for Premier League champions Liverpool went down like a damp squib.

With all the Citizens' players maintaining social distancing protocols, they unenthusiastically applauded Jurgen Klopp's mentality monsters as they made their way onto the Etihad Stadium turf.

In fact, the event was so boring to some City players that several even elected to skulk off down the tunnel before all of the Reds players were done walking pasting them.

The bloody cheek of it, ay? Unsurprisingly, Liverpool Twitter was not best pleased.

And of course, fans of other clubs were quick to remind the Redmen that their guard of honour wasn't as good as theirs.

Childish, really. Still, quite funny in a petty sort of way.

Even though the guard of honour ended up being a tad underwhelming, the fireworks that suddenly started going off outside the stadium about ten minutes after kick off more than made up for it.

This spontaneous bit of entertainment in an otherwise drab opening to the game soon birthed a string of conspiracy theories over who was responsible.

Gary Neville even joined in on commentary, claiming that his partner in crime Jamie Carragher was to blame. Twitter had a few other ideas, though.