Twitter reacts as Germany crash out of World Cup

Tom Gott
Germany are out of the World Cup
Germany are out of the World Cup / Anadolu Agency/GettyImages

It's happened again. Germany are out of the World Cup.

For two years in a row, there will be no Germany in the knockout stages of the World Cup, with Hansi Flick's side crashing out despite a 4-2 victory over Costa Rica.

And that's all because Spain couldn't beat Japan.

Spain dominated the first half and went ahead through Alvaro Morata, and they had 83% possession in an emphatic first 45 minutes. There was surely only going to be one winner.

After the break, however, Japan scored twice before most fans had even sat down. Ritsu Doan struck through Unai Simon, before Ao Tanaka tapped home a truly controversial goal.

The ball looked to have gone out of play before the cross into Tanaka, but after a lengthy VAR goal, it was deemed that the curvature of the ball was not entirely away from the line.

Yep. The curvature of the ball.

Germany fans were fuming, but the reception was a little different on Twitter.

There was even a time in which both Germany and Spain were heading out.

Japan were leading 2-1 and, for about 30 seconds, so were Costa Rica, leaving the two heavyweights of the group facing elimination.

It obviously didn't stay like that, but for a brief moment, the world lost its head.

Spain would survive, but Germany are booking an early flight home for the second World Cup tournament in a row.