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Twitter reacts as Roma announce shock Jose Mourinho appointment

Ross Jackson
Jose Mourinho is back in football management with Roma
Jose Mourinho is back in football management with Roma / NEIL HALL/Getty Images

You can criticise his attitude and his style of play all you like, the fact of the matter is Jose Mourinho has won enough silverware in his career to ensure he'll always be welcomed into a new club somewhere in the world.

After barely having enough time to box up his massive canvases depicting previous successes, Mourinho has already landed his next compensation pay cheque.

Sorry, job. I meant job.

The former Manchester United boss has been announced as the new manager of Roma just hours after Paulo Fonseca was relieved of his duties.

Despite the fact Mourinho has spent the best part of the last two decades bouncing around some of Europe's biggest clubs, it still came as a bit of a shock when Roma announced the news.

So, before we get into any of the reaction surrounding his appointment at Roma, let's just reflect on that fact he's already back in a job...

The majority of us have all spent at least one point in our lives desperately trying to find a new job for one reason or another, yet Mourinho has managed to land a job as manager of one of Serie A's biggest clubs in the space of a matter of weeks!

What could possibly have meant he was so desperate to get back into work?

Alright, enough Mourinho bashing (for now).

We like to offer both sides of the argument here at 90min and let's not forget - as a club who have won one Scudetto since 1984 - Roma are hiring a man with eight league titles to his name in four different countries, not to mention two of which came during his time in Italy with Inter!

It may not be all bad then...

Right, there you go, we told you we'd offer the plus side of the argument - three tweets is your lot.

Now, back to the funny side which is the bit where he's basically going to fall out with every member of his squad within six months before being offered a £15m pay off.

It's only natural that everyone's going to have their own opinions on a character as controversial as Mourinho, but whether it's a controversial appointment or not, a new man through the door at any club will always have ramifications for their existing squad.

Roma's is certainly no different...