Trent Alexander-Arnold reveals his response to early season criticism

Alexander-Arnold has been criticised by many
Alexander-Arnold has been criticised by many / James Gill - Danehouse/GettyImages

Trent Alexander-Arnold has insisted he is his own biggest critic and has no problem with what doubters may say about him.

Amid Liverpool's tough start to the season, Alexander-Arnold has been a regular target for criticism, with one particular incident - conceding against Fulham's Aleksandar Mitrovic - fuelling the fire.

The right-back was caught out by Mitrovic, who used his superior aerial ability to power home a header at the back post, and many have used the footage as 'evidence' of Alexander-Arnold's poor defensive awareness.

"I learned from what I need to learn from and then it's done," Alexander-Arnold told Red Bull when asked about his reaction to the Mitrovic goal.

"I've always felt like I've been my best critic anyway, so no matter what people are saying about me, I'll be able to judge whether it's true or not, and I'll be able to judge whether I've made a big mistake in a game.

"I've been able to build up a nice filter around what to listen to."

From a team perspective, things haven't gone too well for Liverpool. Jurgen Klopp's men sit seventh in the Premier League table and have suffered some frustrating results. They fell 2-1 to Manchester United, before succumbing to a 4-1 thumping by Napoli that could easily have been more emphatic.

"[United] had just come off the back of 4-0, Brentford, and it was like: 'No matter what, they have to try and win the game against us'," Alexander-Arnold said of the United defeat.

"It's either it could end up like last year where it's a 5-0 again and they crumble after we get an early goal, or they'll be able to perform and do well. In fairness, they performed well.

"It was a tough one, we had our chances. We just got hit on counter-attacks and got punished."

On the Napoli result, he added: "I would say the result felt right because it's what we deserved. In terms of how we played, it didn't feel right on the pitch. It wasn't natural, it didn't happen for us.

"We really needed to look at ourselves after that. It was a really humbling one. It was back to the drawing board after that, making sure we get our stuff in order."