Trent Alexander-Arnold

Trent Alexander-Arnold reveals key trait that sets him apart from other players

Tom Gott
Alexander-Arnold is in electric form
Alexander-Arnold is in electric form / Alex Livesey - Danehouse/GettyImages

Liverpool right-back Trent Alexander-Arnold has admitted he feels as though he can see things on the pitch that most others players cannot.

The Scouse academy graduate has emerged as one of the most creative players in world football, revolutionising the full-back role with his elite crossing and record-setting assist numbers which have helped Liverpool re-emerge as one of Europe's top sides.

Having grown up as a midfielder, Alexander-Arnold claimed he is blessed with the sort of in-game vision that most players in his role do not have.

"I play the game at my own pace and if I need a little more time to find the right option, I’ll do that," the Liverpool man explained (via The Guardian). "The main thing for me is I always feel I can see things others can’t see.

"And the more you can see, the more options you have. I would say being able to judge the right option, and which one hurts the opposition most, is something I’ve got that other people don’t have.”

Alexander-Arnold explained that Jurgen Klopp has had to remind him of his defensive responsibilities at times but has given the England international the freedom to go out and do what he does best on the pitch.

“It’s a team sport so he understands that there has to be - I won’t say limitations - but parameters for what I do," he explained. [Klopp]’s talked me through my defensive responsibilities but he gives me freedom to roam, drifting and finding the right position.

"It feels like he sets up the team to allow me to do what I’m best at – create, find passes and hurt the opposition.”