10 Years

Top 10 Premier League moments of the decade - 2011-2021

Matt O'Connor-Simpson

Although the period between 2011 and 2021 saw European football largely dominated by La Liga, there was still plenty of fun to be found in the Premier League during the decade.

We were treated to five different champions, countless incredible goals and much more besides. And by the end of the 10-year spell, there was little doubting that England's top flight was the hegemonic force in the continent once more.

Narrowing down all this excitement to a top ten best moments is a tough task, but we think we've done okay below...


This goal was so good, it almost made Joe Hart fall over in shock. Trust us, just find the footage.

After netting the wonder strike - we'll ignore the fact it came off his shin shall we? - Rooney gave a typically boring post-match interview.

"I just thought 'why not' and thankfully it's gone it the top corner."

Thanks, Wazza.

9. The best Premier League team ever? (2018)

Nothing sums up Pep Guardiola's frightening footballing obsession better than this moment.

By the time his Man City side travelled to Southampton on the final day of the season, they were already 19 points clear at the top of the table with the title sewn up.

Yet when Gabriel Jesus scored in the 94th minute to seal the Premier League's first ever 100-point season, Guardiola and his charges celebrated like they'd just won the league, cup and £1bn cash in one fell swoop.

Fair play, we guess, that is some achievement.

8. I'd 8-2 be an Arsenal fan (2011)

What a tragedy that AFTV wasn't around for this one. That is some world-class ranty content right there.

Perhaps an even bigger tragedy is the fact that Ashley Young's picture-perfect strike was somewhat overshadowed by the result itself. What a goal.

7. Southampton's bad day (2019 but also 2021)

Losing 9-0 once is funny. Losing 9-0 twice is...farcical.

Poor old Southampton. At least their fans were spared the second humiliation - a humbling at the hands of Man Utd in 2021 - due to the pandemic ensuring it was played behind closed doors.

When asked how it felt to lose by nine goals twice, Saints boss Ralph Hasenhuttl replied: "Superb. How do you think it feels?"

6. Kompany's fond farewell (2019)

This is such an underrated moment.

Imagine your captain, who never bloody scores, thumping in the goal that (basically) wins you the league, before he rides off into the sunset.

"Where do you want your statue Vincent Kompany?" indeed.

5. The Slip™ (2014)

This was already crowned 90min's funniest moment in Premier League history and we couldn't leave it off this list either.

The narrative is just so perfect. Peak Barclays, for sure.

4. Manchester City hit their rivals for SIX (2011)

Back in 2011, Man Utd were still the dominant force in Manchester and not the joke they are today.

Everything started to change following this result, though. Not only did City's 6-1 win alter the course of Premier League history, this game also witnessed firework safety enthusiast Mario Balotelli gifting us one of the all-time great goal celebrations.

3. Sir Alex bows out as a champion (2013)

A genuinely emotional moment this one. What a career and what a man.

My word, how far have Man Utd fallen since this moment...


A few of you may be surprised not to see this in the number-one spot. Perhaps you have a point.

It seems unthinkable that we will ever get a more dramatic end to a Premier League season than this, and even if we do, will the man who scores the winner have a better name to scream than: AGUEEERRROOOOOOOOOO!

It seems seriously unlikely...

1. Leicester City do the impossible (2016)

This is not just the greatest Premier League moment of the last ten years, it is the greatest sporting ever told, full stop.

There were so many heartwarming stories to unpick here, from Claudio Ranieri's journey from irrelevance to immortality, to Jamie Vardy's rags to riches tale.

There will never be a more likable Premier League team than this impossible Leicester City side.

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