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Connect With Kai Havertz
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Master meets master. Street footballer Jack Downer connects with Chelsea FC's Kai Havertz as they look to perfect their skills. #ConnectWith

Everybody knows what Kai Havertz is all about.

The German wonderkid loves to showcase his skills to breeze past his opponents, and Three have handed freestyler Jack Downer the chance to connect with Chelsea's new star to learn some of his moves.

As Chelsea's official shirt sponsor, Three are keen to bring the Blues closer to their community, while also giving supporters the chance to see a side of the team that they've never seen before.

In the latest episode of Three's Connect With series, Downer was brought in to Cobham to connect with Havertz over their mutual love of skills and reminisce about their main influences growing up.

"I follow Cristiano Ronaldo and [Lionel] Messi," Havertz begins. "They have always been idols for me.

"Ronaldinho was a player that I loved to watch in the past. I loved to watch him, but I'm not like him. I don't skill too much, only in situations where I need it. When you go on social media, you always see many videos and skills, and I try to do them sometimes in games or sometimes in training."

It was Ronaldinho who helped inspire Havertz's favourite skill, the step-over, but it is another Brazilian whom the midfielder likes watching to perfect his go-to skill move.

Havertz was inspired by one of the greatest - Ronaldinho
Havertz was inspired by one of the greatest - Ronaldinho / LLUIS GENE/Getty Images

"I'm not like Neymar, who does them all the time, but I think it's a really effective skill," Havertz adds.

Jack gets the chance to show Havertz some of his favourite moves and even learns one of the Chelsea star's favourite flick-ups, and the pair end by putting together their own montage of silky skills.

Over the coming weeks, Three will be giving more influences the chance to connect with some of Chelsea's biggest names.

Keep your eyes peeled on social media for the next episode of Three's Connect With.