Thomas Tuchel

Thomas Tuchel reveals what he wants from new Chelsea owners

Tom Gott
Chelsea are one step closer to a takeover
Chelsea are one step closer to a takeover / John Berry/GettyImages

Chelsea manager Thomas Tuchel has confessed that he wants the club's new owners to put winning trophies above anything else.

Prospective buyers had until late on Friday to submit their formal proposals to take over from Roman Abramovich, who is expected to have some say in which bids make it through to the next round of considerations.

Some buyers have gone public with their interest but no fewer than 30 bids are understood to have been submitted before Friday's deadline.

Abramovich had a £3bn asking price but most of the bids have not met that and instead sit between £2bn and £3bn.

With the new owners prepared to pay that sort of money, Tuchel stressed that they must be determined to win trophies and not view Chelsea as a money-making operation.

“If somebody buys a club for this amount of money then it’s about challenging on the highest kind of level, then it’s about trophies, then it’s about winning and then it’s about being the best you can,” he said. “It’s not about developing a project, it’s not about making money with the club.

“Who am I? I don’t know the ideas behind buying a club or any organisation for this amount of money because I cannot afford it and I will never be able to. But that’s what I hope and what I think. I think Chelsea as a club and a structure and an organisation has an awful to offer, and that’s why the price is like it is.”

Tuchel also took the chance to shoot down speculative links to Manchester United, insisting he remains completely committed to Chelsea despite all the off-field uncertainty.