Thomas Tuchel explains clash with Antonio Conte

Jack Gallagher
Tuchel was not happy
Tuchel was not happy / Marc Atkins/GettyImages

Thomas Tuchel has discussed the tension between Antonio Conte which boiled over at the end of Chelsea's dramatic 2-2 draw with Tottenham Hotspur.

The Blues dominated the game but fell to a 95th minute equaliser from Harry Kane in the game, meaning they'd come away with just one point for their troubles.

After the final whistle Tuchel and Conte exchanged a fiery handshake, and speaking to the press after the game, the former has explained how it all came about:

"Well I thought when you shake hands you look into each other's eyes and Antonio had a different opinion so it was emotional.

"He was happy when they equalised and it got a bit heated but nothing big."

After Tuchel had it confirmed during the interview that both himself and Conte got straight red cards for the end-of-game incident, the Chelsea manager said:

"I think it was not necessary, but I think a lot of things were not necessary so another poor decision from the referee today."

When asked about Chelsea's performance, Tuchel said: "Brilliant. We were absolutely brilliant."

Tuchel then went on to discuss Tottenham's goals, arguing that both should have been disallowed: "Sorry I have to say that both [their] goals absolutely cannot stand. There was only one team who deserved to win and it was us. We were absolutely brilliant and I'm sorry for my team that they didn't get what they deserved.

"It was a clear foul on Kai Havertz in the build up [to Tottenham's first goal]. A clear foul. We had one tactical foul from Reece James and got yellow, I don't know how many Hojbjerg and Bentancur did today and nothing happened.

"Clear foul on Kai Havertz and, ok, the situation goes on and on and on, and then it's a clear offside from Richarlison. He's in the line of the shot, he even goes to the ball. He does not touch the ball but Edu [Mendy] cannot see the ball.

"And since when can you pull hair on a football field?"