Thomas Muller would have 'no problem' leaving Bayern & hints at Premier League switch

Max Cooper
Muller would have no problem leaving Bayern
Muller would have no problem leaving Bayern / Sebastian Widmann/Getty Images

Thomas Muller has admitted he'd have 'no problem' leaving lifelong club Bayern Munich if the time came, and hinted that he'd like to follow in Thiago Alcantara's footsteps in his move to the Premier League.

The 31-year-old joined Die Roten as a child and has spent more than 20 years at the club, making over 600 appearances and scoring more than 200 goals in that time.

Gonzalo Castro, Thomas Mueller
Muller is not afraid of leaving Bayern / Pool/Getty Images

Despite his synonymity with Bayern, Muller admitted during an interview with The Times that he would have 'no problem' leaving the Bundesliga giants in the future, and likened his situation to that of Thiago, who joined Liverpool in the summer.

“I’m not fixed to this club. I have a special relationship, I loved Bayern before I started playing for them, but when there is a situation where you have to decide maybe to play for a different club it would be no shame and no problem at all.

"Maybe like with Thiago (Alcantara, now at Liverpool)," Muller teased.

Thiago spent seven years in the Bundesliga and had just won the Champions League when he decided it was time for a fresh challenge, asking to be allowed to leave the club in the summer. He dreamt of a move to England, and Liverpool obliged, signing the midfielder for around £20m.

Thomas Mueller, Thiago Alcantara
Muller could follow in Thiago's footsteps and move to the Premier League / Boris Streubel/Getty Images

So, could we see Muller in the Premier League next season? He confessed that he likes the country, although his grasp of certain accents and dialects is not at its peak.

“I like it. But some cultures... speaking and such, special dialect, I don’t understand everything. Newcastle? Ah, I don’t know...”

But a Geordie accent wouldn't be enough to put Muller off a move to England, that's for sure. The attacking midfielder is one of the most intelligent players in world football, and he is widely considered a specialist in his Raumdeuter position.

Let's keep an eye on this one over the summer, shall we?